With Sugou went and you may once buying the woman day, Asuna makes her first attempt to getting away from ALfheim On the web

Attempting to to make certain them from the woman area, Asuna rapidly thinks and seems to throw down the Administrator Availability Card she managed to and obtain during their escape take to

When you find yourself attempting to to acquire the overall game system out-of ALO and you may journal aside, Asuna rather discovers a space in which experiments are carried out into the 3 hundred comatose SAO survivors. Asuna knows Sugou has established a secret laboratory contained in this ALfheim On the internet to help you privately perform some tests without producing uncertainty with the himself within the reality while you are nevertheless staying his area a key. Asuna is completely astonished and you can horrified of advancement and claims to save the participants, but is compelled to cover-up away abreast of observing a few slug researchers close. While in concealing, Asuna manages to get the video game console and that is almost succeessful in the releasing herself, however, is stuck throughout this lady stay away from attempt from the several slug researchers. Asuna attempts to key her or him, but in order to no get which will be almost molested however, manages to defend herself. The brand new experts understand Asuna while the lady Sugou has hostage at the top of the world Forest and you may declaration from the woman tried eliminate so you’re able to Sugou. Just after are advised, Sugou teaches the two to carry Asuna back once again to this lady cage, also alter the code so you can the woman crate and should today remain ongoing watch for her. Even with their recapture, Asuna does not give up hope for the escaping and you may vows she’ll never ever avoid up to she finds a way to getting free and you will get back with Kirito. Asuna is additionally found to possess privately managed to bargain the fresh an accessibility cards towards video game console.

Quickly sometime following situations, Asuna hears Yui getting in touch with out over the woman. Asuna is actually astonished and you may relieved to learn Yui’s voice, causing her to learn Kirito and you can Yui was nearby and tend to be near to preserving this lady. Because of this, Asuna seems to to make sure Kirito www.datingranking.net/tr/hi5-inceleme and you can Yui out of her area and you may their focus on its journey in order to save your self the girl.

Everntually, after wearing assistance from several partners during the their quest, Kirito eventually managed to make it to reach the top of the globe Forest and you may was at much time last reunited that have Asuna. Yui and you can Asuna show a good heartfelt tearful reunion while the occurrences of SAO and you may Asuna and you can Kirito cheerfully reunite collectively shortly after becoming apart to possess way too long. However, Yui shows Asuna can’t diary aside due to the fact their updates are prohibited that have tricky requirements and will just be freed which have an effective program system. Asuna attempts to tell them of console she used in the experiment lab, although threesome are quickly ambushed with an unfamiliar solid push holding him or her off. Yui struggles to will still be that is forced to fall off, but not just before caution Asuna and you will Kirito out-of an unknown risk addressing. Asuna and you will Kirito just be sure to touch base for just one several other, nevertheless the unknown push is too good and so they are nevertheless broke up. Sugou reveals themselves into partners, sharing he is being held off of the recently written Gravity Magic. Sugou totally exposes his intends to Kirito, revealing his imprisonment of your own 3 hundred comatose SAO Survivors with his tests on human head almost accomplished and you will fully expressing their thinking he has never achieved this new powers out of a jesus.

Sugou stabbed Kirito together with his very own sword as he chained Asuna and you can began to sexually assault their in the front out of Kirito

Once introducing his agreements, Sugou went on so you can torture both Asuna and you can Kirito. not, Kirito soon managed to get access to this service membership having fun with Akihiko Kayaba’s Heathcliff ID and you will struggled against Sugou, punishing your for all the suffering the guy triggered Asuna, soon defeating himpleting their trip and you can gaining revenge, Kirito frees Asuna throughout the ALO, in the long run returning their on the real world and you may encouraging to see the lady in the future.


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