It makes it easier to access the app and see the important information you want without having to open the app. Some popular examples are sports widgets that show the scores of your favorite teams, a To-Do list, weather, calendar, notifications, and more. If you use the Microsoft Family Control to monitor your kid’s internet time, you can get a good overview of their online activity through the widget.

  • Press F6 whenever you want to end the recording.
  • Restart your computer to check if the issue is fixed or not.
  • Some laptops, in particular, mightn’t have a PrtScn key.
  • Windows 8 has introduced the Lock Screen feature.

Hence, you may have to capture the screen as a PNG file. Alternatively, choose the prompt that pops up at the screen’s bottom after capturing the screenshot. Further, you can easily crop the screenshot or print it out or simply save it in PNG image format. To save a screen to a file, initial press the PrtScn button.

Screen Snipping And Snip & Sketch Tools

This option will be the easiest way to grab a screenshot from the current opened Windows. Advanced built-in annotation tool, drawing on screenshot and more others. Capture all onscreen activities, snapshots, screen videos and audio files.

The download Unix-based OS SkinPack is very light and can run flawlessly on low-powered laptops and aging desktops. Sadly, it doesn’t support every Windows program but apart from that, the theme does offer a left-aligned taskbar with Ubuntu icons. After applying the theme your background wallpaper, icons, the taskbar, buttons, and even software windows will look and feel like macOS. For small businesses, Nextcloud GmbH maintains a free appliance built on the Univention Corporate Server with easy graphical setup and web-based administration.

Allowing Bluetooth Device To Search Your Pc

Check for the Bluetooth logo on the top of the function keys to turn it on. Take the help of the easy fixes below and get rid of Bluetooth disappeared in windows 10 issues right away. Go through these methods simultaneously and apply the fixes. You can pair your Bluetooth device with your phone. Make sure device drivers are up to date.If your Bluetooth device requires additional drivers to be installed, you might have to check that the drivers are up to date.

This tool analyzes your photographs and edits them automatically to deliver the best results possible. A large number of presets to edit photos without investing time. A Windows session will always start from the desktop. Unlike other solutions, StartIsBack opens the desktop without the delays and blinking of the Metro interface. Version can not be downloaded on most websites.


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